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Sands Construction strives to ensure all our field employees have Safety Training and we practice what we preach!  The Company’s Experience Modification Rating  (EMR) has been below average for the last three years for the construction industry. Our insurance modification rating has averaged at .91—an achievement clearly highlighting our commitment to safety, quality and schedule.

Our Superintendents have 30 HR OSHA Certifications and the Field Foremen have 10 HR OSHA Certifications.

We E-Verify our employees and we also require Pre-Employment, Post Accident and Random Drug Testing!  We ensure we have the right people on the Sands Construction jobsites performing the required work.

We have a SDS program, so all personnel have access to all our  Safety Data Sheets utilizing a Mobile Application.


It is our mission to ensure every employee embodied the core values of open communication, problem solving and focusing on building a client partnerships that last a lifetime. Those values wouldn’t just be words on walls. These values would be present with our approach to everything.

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